Subaru They Lived Campaign

Over the years, Subaru has been recognized for the pretty special achievements:

- 96% of vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today
- The most fuel efficient All Wheel Drive line-up in America
- The first manufacturer to build vehicles in a zero landfill plant

And, the list goes on. Sometimes what is missed when thinking about core attributes of Subaru is safety. Subaru currently has 5 models that are Interstate Institute of Highway Safety Top Safety Picks and the 2014 Forester was the only vehicle in its class to Ace the challenging frontal offset crash test (earning it recognition as a Top Safety Pick +). Recently, Subaru launched an awareness campaign that focuses entirely on safety. It is called, 'They Lived'. The commercial starts out with a shot of a wrecker picking up a Subaru Outback and the officer telling the astonished driver of the wrecker that, 'They lived'. The commercial follows the Outback to the junk yard where the driver of the wrecker tells the yard attendant, 'They lived'. Finally, the commercial ends with the family of four climbing into their new Outback and the father saying, 'We lived.' It is a pretty powerful commercial and will speak especially loud to those of you who have been in an accident. We are also in the collision repair business and have seen some Subaru wreckage first hand where the injuries were thankfully very minor. It's just another reason to consider owning a Subaru.

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